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Auckland Sauna 


Your Weekly Feel Good Sauna Session in Takapuna at the hidden gem known as the Emerald Inn. Booking Link Below

Feel Good Febuary  (4)

Your Milford Community Sauna is open from 6pm-10pm. Booking Link below

Best Sauna Northshore

Your Ultimate Feeel Goood Sessions have arrived ...Rothesay Bay here we come.

Best Sauna Auckland

Latest testimonial ...Thanks Liz

Sauna & Ice  Torbay

Your Sunday recover and reset session @ Aucklands only wood fired Sauna & Ice Bath Sessions in Torbay

Mothers Day Sauna

This is going to be an incredible Mothers Day experience for all the women out there 12th May

Experience the best Woodfired Beachfront Sauna experience on offer from the luxury of the best beaches across town.


Sauna Auckland 

Auckland Sauna & Cold Plunge
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Latest updates on location and events 
A 10 pack  of 75 minute Sauna Sessions  

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Best place to Sauna Auckland

Welcome to
the latest Auckland
Sauna upgrade.


"The Worlds Largest Mobile Sauna" 


2023 is the year that the Auckland Sauna & beach scene changed forever, with the birth of the First Sauna Collective Mobile Sauna Station The Sauna Mothership...The worlds largest beachfront wood fired mobile sauna. 


Transform your beach experience with the Sauna Collective! Experience the ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration with our fleet of mobile Sauna Stations . Get ready to unwind after a long day or week with a sauna session followed by a dip in the ocean. Make wellness and preventive health a part of your routine and feel the difference. Join us on the revolution of a lifetime!


Looking forward to seeing you soon, Cameron

Sauna Collective Founder Auckland
Sauna Orewa
Auckland Sauna

What you need to know.

Auckland Sauna


Sauna Price and Timing options 

We have two wood Fired Saunas at each sauna Station. One 8 person and one 6 person.

Sauna only :


40 Minute Session

2 x 15 minute Rounds with Break Between rounds.

Price: $25

Option 2 - PERFECTION 

75 Minute Session

Multiple Rounds (3-4 ) with

 longer cooling Breaks Between Rounds 

Price : $35

Option 3 - THE ULTIMATE  

100 Minute Session

Multiple Rounds (4-5 ) with

 longer cooling Breaks Between Rounds 

Price : $49


Private Sauna Bookings

Choose to book the 6 or 8 Person Saunas 


- Great for Couples 

- Catching up with Friends 

- After Events recovery Sessions

- Business Catchups

- Team Building 

100 minute  Multiple Round Session 

Price : $245 for 6 person

Note : You can choose to fill your private Sauna or  choose to or have it all to yourself..  

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Where can you find us?

Orewa Beach 

Red Beach

Stanmore Bay

Long Bay Beach


Waiake Beach

Browns Bay Beach 


Murrays Bay Beach 


Mairangi Beach 


Milford Beach


Takapuna Beach


Narrow Neck


Mission Bay 



To Find out our upcoming schedual go to our Booking system.

What's the easiest way to stay up to date, learn about the benefits of Sauna & CWT and follow our journey. 

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Contact Us

Sauna Collective Mobile Saunas & CWT located 

Contact : Cameron 

Opening Hours vary depending on location and time of year. 

Orewa Beach, Long Bay Beach, Waiake Beach, Browns Bay Beach,

Murrays Bay Beach, Mairangi Bay Beach, Stanmore Bay & Milford Beach

Call or Message on 021 042 5739

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