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Auckland Sauna 

Auckland Sauna & Cold Plunge

Experience the best Beachfront Sauna experience on offer from the luxury of the best beaches across town. 

Sauna Auckland 

Latest Auckland Sauna Update : Monday  4/9/2023

Where is the Sauna Station this week & weekend?

Due to a mechanical issue on the trailer we will not be operating during the week ( Monday September 4th to Friday September 8th. We are aiming to having it all fixed to operate this weekend and keep all Sauna Crew dosed up with the Sauna Collective Goodness. 


A full Calender of all Beachfront locations, opening times and events will be realeased  Tuesday the 5th of September. This will give you clarity and certainty of where and when we will be for the next 4 weeks.  


Quick Message from Cam:

"Oceans of Gratitude to all the Sauna lovers who came to support us over the weekend. It was such amazing confirmation that the community is truly ready for this. So thankful for all the encouragement and feedback. We are now on the way to truly creating a revolution in Beach Culture here in Auckland and together we can help create a vision for Auckland that puts our Mental, physical and emotional fitness first so we can show up as the best versions of ourselves for not just our friends , family & community but more importantly we show up for us , we show up for ourselves and honour ourselves. In my opinion, when we feel good we make better decisions and better decisions lead to better actions which leads to better outcomes for everyone. I don't know about you, but i feel that we should together have a mission of make Auckland the most mentally , physically and emotionally fit City in New Zealand .. hey why not the world. Sauna Collective is another piece of the puzzle. Follow us on instagram sauna_collectivenz for latest updates ... It's on Team ..lets do this!" Cam 



Latest updates on location and events 
A 10 pack  of 75 minute Sauna Sessions  

Congratulations, you are registered ...

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the latest Auckland
Sauna upgrade.



2023 is the year that the Auckland Sauna & beach scene changed forever.


Transform your beach experience with the Sauna Collective! Experience the ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration with our fleet of mobile Sauna and Cold plunge Stations . Get ready to unwind after a long day or week with a sauna session followed by a dip in the ocean. Make wellness and preventive health a part of your routine and feel the difference. Join us on the revolution of a lifetime!


Looking forward to seeing you soon, Cameron

Sauna Collective Founder
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What you need to know.

Auckland Sauna


What we will offer

We will be offering;

We have two wood Fired Saunas at each sauna Station. One 8 person and one 6 person.

Sauna only :

Option 1-

40 Minute Session

2 x 15 minute Rounds with Break Bewteen rounds.

Price: $25


Option 2 - 

75 Minute Session

3 to 4 -15 Minute Rounds with

Breaks Between Rounds 

Price : $35

Option 3 -

150 Minute Session

4 to 5 Longers rounds with 

Breaks Between Rounds. 

Price : $65


Private Sauna Bookings

Choose to book the 6 Person Sauna 


- Great for Couples 

- Catching up with Friends 

- After Events recovery Sessions

- Business Catchups

- Team Building 

80 minute  Multiple Round Session 

Price : $195

Note : While it is a very comfortable 6 person Sauna, you can easily accomodate 7 to 8 people if you choose to or have it all to yourself.  

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Where can you find us?

Orewa Beach 

Red Beach

Manly Beach

Long Bay Beach


Waiake Beach

Browns Bay Beach 


Murrays Bay Beach 


Mairangi Beach 


Milford Beach


Takapuna Beach


Narrow Neck


Mission Bay 



To Find out our upcoming schedual go to our Booking system.

Membership Options 

Signing up to our membership options gives you some advantages 


Silver Membership

Silver Membership is the best option for someone just starting out on their Sauna Journey.

-10% Discount Sauna  

-Bring a friend for their first session for half price


$45  Annual  Fee

Gold Membership

Gold Membership is perfect for the consistant sauna goer  looking to maximise their value  and share the Sauna goodness with friends. 

-15% discount Sauna

- Bring a friend for their first Sauna for free.

- Earn Sauna points

-Invites to special private Sauna events 

$65 Annual Fee

Diamond Membership

Diamond Membership is for the Sauna lovers of the world. People who are passionate about the massive benefits of Sauna  for their Mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


-15% Discount Sauna

-25% Discount in off peak times  

-10% Discount on Sauna Packs 

- 10% off on Private sauna Bookings 

- Bring a Friend for their First session for free. 

- Earn Sauna points  

- Priority for Invites for special private Sauna Events.

$345 Annual Fee

What's the easiest way to stay up to date, learn about the benefits of Sauna & CWT and follow our journey. 

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Contact Us

Sauna Collective Mobile Saunas & CWT located 

Contact : Cameron 

Opening Hours will be 

Orewa Beach, Long Bay Beach, Waiake Beach, Browns Bay Beach,

Murrays Bay Beach, Mairangi Bay Beach & Milford Beach

Call or Message on 021 042 5739

Mon - Fri

10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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